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What does MyCancerHaven do?
MyCancerHaven aims to connect cancer patients, experts, health care professionals and organizations through a patient-centric, custom-designed, curated and moderated cloud-based platform. We provide up-to-the-minute cancer-type -specific news andstrive to reduce disparities in cancer care by facilitating dissemination of information about educational and research initiatives. We also provide social media tools for patients to form communities with their peers and find sanctuary with their family and friends.
Is my personal information and data secure?
Your information is secured at leading data centers and backed up through redundancy systems.
How is MyCancerHaven different from other other social media platforms
MyCancerHaven is a not for profit 501(c) organization registered in the United States curated and moderated by cancer experts. It aims to be a user supported platform not dependent on revenue from advertisements and monetization of user data.
Where does MyCancerHaven get the money to support their platform?
MyCancerHaven aims to be user supported. The organization also accepts donations from individuals, foundations and sponsors.
Is there a cost to using MyCancerHaven?
Currently the platform is funded by donations. In the future we may choose to charge a nominal fee for operations.
How does MyCancerHaven use their money?
Our organization files a public annual report that details our activities and how money was spent. We are committed to transparency.
Can individuals living outside the United States register?
At this time registration is limited to individuals resident in the United States. We anticipate that our services will be available to individuals living in other countries in the future.
Does MyCancerHaven offer financial assistance?
We do not offer financial assistance. We do have information on organizations that offer financial assistance in the MyNavigator section.
How do I donate to MyCancerHaven?
In the upper right corner of our website is a “Donate” tab. This will take you to a page that will you give you the specifics on how to donate. You can specify donation recipients including, donating in honor or memory of someone.
Is a donation tax deductible?
Generally, you can deduct contributions from your adjusted gross income (AGI)
How do I provide suggestions and feedback?
Please join the "MCH Dropbox" drop-box group to leave your critique.
How do I register?
1. Click "Join Us" on our Home Page at
2. Click on "Don't have an account? Create One Here"
3. Complete Steps 1-4 for New Account Set Up
4. Log in with your Username and Password
5. The first time you log in we will send you a verification code by text to your mobile phone to authenticate your account
6. Enter the verification code
7. You will be directed to the platform and are set to go!
Who can register for membership?
At this time registration is limited to individuals resident in the United States of America and India. User data from the United States is housed at cloud servers in the United States and user data from India is housed at cloud servers in India. We anticipate that our services will be available to individuals living in other countries in the future.
How do I cancel my account?
You may do so by going to your profile page
What are “Home” and “Guest” categories?
The “Home” category is the category the user selects at time of initial registration and is presumed to be the category identified as of most interest to the individual’s needs. For patients and caregivers this category allows for the users to have maximum permissions e.g forming groups, answering question posed in Crowd, Votes etc. Users have a more limited set of permissions in other “Guest” categories e.g not form groups but join established groups and have read only permissions for other features.
Can I have more than one “Home” category?
To have “Home“ category permissions in more than one category, users would need to create more than one account (for this a separate e-mail account will be needed for initial account creation).
What is MCH Intro?
This folder contains videos introducing users to the MCH platform.
What is Cancer 101?
This folder contains videos providing basic disease state education.
What is MCH Answers?
This folder contains videos featuring experts providing education based on questions submitted by patients and their caregivers on the platform.
What is Conference Updates?
This folder contains videos discussing research presented at major conferences.
What is Clinical Trials and Research?
This folder contains videos highlighting major clinical trials and other research initiatives of interest to the patient and caregiver community.
What is Resources?
This folder contains videos highlighting major resources available to assist patients and caregivers in their cancer journey.
What are Featured Blogs?
Featured blogs include MCH Blogs are used by MCH administrators to communicate with users of the platform and other blogs with content that MCH administrators wish to highlight for our users.
What is the Blogs feature for?
Health care professionals with a NPI number and select users provided a PIN by MCH can create blog posts within a 500 word limit. A PIN number can be obtained by messaging MCH at Other health-care professionals can comment on the blog-posts.
How do you choose whom to follow on News for my specific type of cancer?
 We use keywords to identify relevant news articles.
Why do some news articles appear to be “off topic”?
Though we try our best to identify keywords providing information relevant to individual  cancer types. However, some articles may be from sources catering to a broader audience.
X Feed (Formerly Twitter)
How do you choose whom to follow on the X Feed for my specific type of cancer?
We identify key physicians, health care professionals, patient advocates and organizations that tweet information relevant to your cancer type. 
What is MyStory?
MyStory is a feature for patients to post photographs and text to share and update their cancer journey with their peers, offering encouragement to others and finding comfort in knowing you are not alone.
What are Groups?
Any user registered as a health-care professional can form groups and act as an administrator to control membership of the groups they establish. Other users can join a groups if granted permission by the group administrator. We expect these groups to act as "support groups" for the members. "Starred" groups and those established by or highlighted by MCH administrators.
What is the Crowd feature?
The Crowd feature is an open discussion board which MCH administrators use to pose questions and start threads for discussion to get feedback from patients and caregivers on the platform. This highlights the patients and caregivers perspective and gives them a forum to voice their opinions.
How do you decide what constitutes undesirable content on Blogs, Groups and Crowd?
We rely on our users to flag objectionable content. If two or more users flag content as undesirable then the MCH administrator gets notified ad a MCH moderator decides whether to take the flagged posts down from the platform.
What is the Vote feature for?
This feature allows you to test your knowledge and see how your peers responded
Submit a Question
What is the "Submit A question" feature?
Patients and caregivers in the United States can submit general questions using the “Submit A Question” button. We will attempt to address as many questions as possible on MCH3 Blogposts to provide disease state education to all our members and also e-mail the respondent a private reply.
Can users message or pose questions directly to the experts?
Users cannot message or pose questions directly to the Experts. can submit general questions using the “Submit A Question” button. Our experts cannot provide an answer to any questions regarding an individual patient’s health care. For prompt answers to questions regarding your own treatment please consult your health care provider.
How do you choose the cancer experts who know about my specific type of cancer?
MyCancerHaven invites select doctors and researchers as experts. You can learn more about the experts by viewing their biographies on the “Panel”.
Who can I message?
Patients and caregivers can message each other. Healthcare professionals and experts can message each other. However, patients/caregivers cannot message healthcare professionals/experts and vice versa.
How do you choose organizations on Navigator for my specific type of cancer?
We identify non-profit and governmental organizations that are leaders in their fields.
What is the QuickBites feature for?
These are blogs created by our Expert Panel. Experts are selected by administrators of MCH. The QuickBites feature is now merged with Community Blogs
What is the Forum feature for?
This is a discussion board available only for healthcare professionals and experts
What is the Ballots feature for?
This is a polling feature available only for healthcare professionals and experts
What is the Journal features for?
Journal is your own private space to chronicle your cancer journey. You may use to document daily events and choose to share with one or more individuals that you invite as friends and family.
What features can I use with my calendar?
Set up reminders for appointments. Allow friends and family to have access. 
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