Our mission is to support and empower patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations with dedicated, innovative solutions tailored to the unique challenges of cancer care. We provide a patient-centric platform that offers curated information, secure communication channels, and access to expert guidance. Through interactive video podcasts and a HIPAA-compliant peer-to-peer video platform, we enhance the ability of all stakeholders in the cancer care ecosystem to share knowledge and collaborate effectively. Additionally, we facilitate expert discussions, including expert roundtables and think tanks, designed to foster a deeper understanding and innovative solutions within the professional community.
MyCancerHaven is a 501c3nonprofit, registered in the US, registration number 81-5352104
Our Vision
One day, all cancer patients anywhere in the world will have access to all the support they need in their journey with cancer
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Our Core Principle/Values
We offer a user-supported not for profit cancer expert-designed and moderated platform. From a policy to never sharing your private data without your permission, to the platform’ s design permitting user anonymity on the social media platform, respect for user privacy is at the center of our philosophy
We desire to make a positive impact on the lives of patients with cancer 
We seek to build teams to find solutions
We seek to provide quality tools and resources to assist patients in their cancer journey
We value who you are and respect your privacy and diversity
We hold ourselves responsible for delivering on our commitments
What We Aim To Provide
For Patients
Information, news, expert opinions and tools for communication with peers, family and friends
For Healthcare Professionals
Patient access for targeting educational and research initiatives and obtaining the patient perspective
For Healthcare Policy
Generation of Real World Data (RWD)
For Cancer Care Delivery
Education initiatives and roundtables for health care professionals
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